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Yellow Key® Consultancy offers business owners and individuals a range of services including consultant services, success coaching, and more. Our headquarters in Portland, OR, and San Diego, CA lead a network of consultants with offices in Seattle, SoCal, Denver, Phoenix, Tampa, and New England, with clients spanning the globe. As working professionals in all major industries, we take a limited number of clients, so each gets our thorough attention and personalized care.


We’ve forged our experiences through starting and scaling small and medium businesses, rescuing those with growing pains, managing and mentoring large teams, serving on boards, and investing — helping our clients build a solid future. Startups and established businesses naturally experience growing pains, and our passion is to help them find the path to growth and success like never before.  

Our team helps you reach success.

The Yellow Key team works closely with management and staff to get everyone pulling in the same direction — fortifying the building blocks of teamwork, inspiring a positive go-getter mindset, and teaching the value of loving your customers.

Together we can help build a stronger, more productive workplace which will captivate your staff and customers alike. Hey, we’ve been there too — sometimes growth feels like it’s just out of reach. We understand, and know how to close the gap.

We help you take the stress out of business.

The first step to your success is an initial consultation to make sure we’re a good fit and the best resource to help you out. If you’ve tried prepackaged off-the-shelf business solutions, you know they’re one-size-fits-none. With our team on your side, you and your business will get customized, real-world advice for good and timely results — and long-term prosperity.


Qualifying clients will be assigned one or more of our coaches, who will coordinate the resources of our entire team to craft personalized strategy and guidance. If it looks like our expertise doesn’t align, we will happily point you in the direction of one of our partners.



Grow Your Business

Our services focus on improving small to medium businesses, showing owners and execs ways to thrive in the face of challenges.


You might find yourself too busy running the business to find answers — or even know how to ask the right questions. We’ve spent years discovering solutions for businesses just like yours.


Even a successful business that runs like clockwork can use outside perspective to level up and push for more efficiency, productivity and profitability.


Today’s ever-changing business landscape brings limitless potential, with an unprecedented array of programs, marketing platforms, and social trends for business expansion. 

How to scale up your business.

It can take facing hundreds of challenges to really find your stride. With our management consulting, scaling guidance, and business coaching, you don’t have to go it alone.


We help clients boost their bottom line. Reduce costs. Improve their offerings. Yellow Key insight helps clients offer their teams a better work-life balance, without neglecting the helm. And that’s only a handful of the many ways our services have helped other companies.

Get help growing your business.
Popular Yellow Key business consulting services include:
  • Goal planning: short-, medium-, and long-term strategies for success 

  • Market expansion

  • Product and service analysis

  • Employee assessment

  • Employee success coaching

  • Leadership training

  • Customer research

  • Competitive intel research

  • Purchasing / sourcing research

  • COGS analysis

  • Process, policy, and procedure analysis

  • Legal liability analysis

  • Market analysis

  • Social media analysis

  • Website review & update

  • Website development, incl. mobile-friendly design

  • Content strategy/direction, incl. website copy, editorial calendar, blog posts, visuals

Ready to grow? Schedule your consultation. The first one is on us.


Let new clients find you

There’s an enormous untapped market out there, and reaching it is as simple as knowing your neighbors. You’re surrounded by people who are ready to do business but just don’t know how to reach you. Ready to open the door to one of the largest unexplored markets in the US? ¡Es facil! (It’s easy!)


Over 13% of the US population are native Spanish speakers, and that figure is growing every day. It’s a huge market, but these new consumers are searching for local or specialty businesses using their preferred language. But search engine translations often miss the mark, and search results favor sites which present their information in the language and terms searched most often.

Don't just translate. Interpret.


That means you’ll need more than a simple translation of your website. You’ll need to answer the questions your customers actually ask Google — which requires both fluent translation and cultural depth.

Don't let your message get lost in translation.

Yellow Key consultants will connect you with your community in ways an online translation can’t: your core business ideals, your mission, your goals, captured and molded into local lingo and relevant visuals by a human who understands more than simple dictionary definitions and is immersed in the local culture.

We show you how to translate and interpret your message into other languages.

Our team of multilingual specialists can go even further. Cultural resonance begins with marketing advice to help potential clients understand why you belong together. Once they’re in the door, your excellent service can foster customer loyalty and advocacy in a community famous for high trust in word-of-mouth.


Let our consultants audit your business, and we'll recommend easy steps to nurture these rewarding new relationships.


Ready to bridge that cultural gap?

Schedule a consultation with one of our coaches. The first one is on us.



Success Coaching
If you don't change with the pace of the world, you will get left behind.

With an eye on your future and a customized recipe for your individual success, Yellow Key strategy can help you excel at the pace of the world around you.


Every day, people all around demonstrate that it’s possible to succeed. At any given moment there are companies being built, business deals being made, and people advancing their careers. It seems like so many others can hit success after success and make it look like magic, but what’s their secret? 

Behind truly successful individuals are specialized advisors whose experience provides the ability to recognize opportunity, the expertise to sort through tasks, and the tools to analyze risk. It begins with having the confidence to do whatever it takes to overcome obstacles and succeed, and is followed by building the correct resources and connections with your team backing you up.

A success coach can help you achieve your dream goals.

With Yellow Key success coaching on your side and our network of professionals available to help, you'll create the future you want by discovering your goals and enacting a plan for success. Meanwhile, we will teach you how to build the confidence and momentum that will carry your successes into the future and creating lasting change.

Planning to advance in your career? 


Are you looking to take the next leap within your current company but unsure how to best go about it? Our career coaching can help you prepare. We've groomed individuals into roles of CEO, Chief Operations Officer, and Regional Management, among many others. With professional development, leadership training, and business networking strategies, we can help you achieve the position you’re looking for and plan for long-term career success.

Unlock your future with Yellow Key.

Planning to jump back into the job market?


We’ll review your resume and cover letter, assess your skills and references, and conduct valuable mock interviews so you can practice and build confidence before going in.


It's no secret that employers nowadays consider more than just your resume and interview — expect them to review your social media and credit as part of the hiring process. We can review your online presence for any flags; we’ll assess your financial position, debt and credit issues, and provide some solutions to strengthen your position and hireability. Finally, we will ask you questions that will help you determine if a career opportunity aligns with your future goals.

Schedule a consultation with one of our coaches. The first one is on us.

First Consultation Free 

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